Effideen Ameerally, M.D.

Primary Care Provider located in Mesa, AZ

Meet Dr. Ameerally

Dr. Effideen Ameerally is a primary care physician treating patients in Mesa, Arizona. He is currently welcoming new patients at The Medical Clinic.

Dr. Ameerally attended medical school at Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. He graduated in 1964 and completed an internship in surgery at Georgetown Hospital in British Guyana. In 1976, he completed a four-year residency program in diagnostic radiology at McMasters University in Ontario, Canada.

Since completing his medical education, Dr. Ameerally has worked as a general practitioner, emergency room doctor, and family practitioner. He has also delivered babies and worked as a radiologist. After working for various hospitals and owning several other practices, he founded The Medical Clinic in Mesa, Arizona, in October 1995.

Dr. Ameerally offers a wide range of services to women, men, and children at The Medical Clinic, including treatment for common ailments such as asthma, fatigue, depression, and high cholesterol. To make an appointment with Dr. Ameerally, please contact the office today.

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